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How to Install a Keyless Lever Set

Posted by Valerie Dwyer on

Sometimes in life we need some motivation to achieve the things we wish to do, especially when it seems out of the ordinary. In sports, especially higher level sports you’ll always hear coaches and teammates say that to succeed in life you need to learn to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. Now when it comes to door hardware, some people feel uneasy about installing their own regular knobs and levers so when it comes to keyless locks it can seem intimidating. Let’s step up our game and our home security by learning how to install keyless lever sets without fear or hesitation! Nothing like a little door hardware motivation to get a person going, am I right?

The Schlage FE 695 is a great example when explaining the installation process of keyless lever sets. It is an updated keyless lock with all the amenities one would look for in modern door hardware.

Installing the FE695

First step of the installation is to remove the old hardware and then check the dimensions of your door and compare it to the new lever set, you may need to alter the already existing holes in the door.  From there you proceed as usual, place the latch in the hole and ensure you have put it in facing in the correct direction, connect and press the levers onto the lever posts and fit the sides onto the door, fitting the outside first. Once fitted, secure the screws to the interior assembly and connect the battery and tuck the wires and battery into place to ensure the cover can securely fit over. To test the lock and to make sure it was installed correctly, first you’ll need to enter the 4-digit code provided in the box, if after entering the code the lock disengages or engages you’ll know it was installed right, if not you may want to disassemble and re do it following the steps again.

After that, you’ll be not only a professional at installing your own door hardware you’ll also have the newest and brightest with great security! So now that you know how to do it yourself, you should feel super confident in your abilities to install locks (thanks to me of course) so why not challenge your friends and family to do the same? Now we can all upgrade our home security while saving on the cost of labor, keeping that extra money aside for more important things like wine!

FE695 on a door

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